Sustainable Winegrowing

Winemakers working together to forge their future

In 2007, Cave Jaillance and 9 other pioneering wine producing cellars, each a leader in its region and striving to find a balance between their economic activities and their impact on society and the environment, decided to design a Sustainable Development strategy..

The first french sustainability & CSR certification

TIts schedule of requirements is audited and assessed by AFNOR, the independant french standardization association. It is based on ISO 26000, the internationnally recognized CSR standard.

Sustainable Winegtrowing has adopted a modern, ambitious schedule of requirements, based on 4 pillars :
• Preserve environment
• Guarantee quality from the vine to the glass
• Support local heritage
• Offer a fair price to the consumer and the producer

More than a straightfoward environment certification, it promotes an entire philosophy of sustainability.
More information :
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