About the Wine Growers Sustainable Development (VDD)

Label carried by an association of wine-making cellars leaders worried of getting involved in a strong approach of sustainable development. This approach, built on 37 commitments, is the only one dedicated to the world of the wine, complete, well-balanced and constantly evolving. She benefits since her creation of the support of the local, national and professional institutions.

Winemakers working together to forge their future

In 2007, ten pioneering wine producing cellars, each a leader in its region and striving to find a balance between their economic activities and their impact on society and the environment, decided to design a Sustainable Development strategy : this was the beginning of the « Vignerons en Développement Durable » adventure.

A charter was then drawn up

The implementation and guaranteed compliance with this charter is ensured by the ICV sustainable development and quality consultants.
After a first « Sustainable Development » analysis based on the 37 enjeux, and training in Sustainable Development offered to all company members (wine producers and employees), each cellar must determine and apply precise performance goals. No empty promises or false messages, but concrete actions on all levels within the company.
Once these commitments have been integrated – for example, systematically taking the social, environmental and economic elements into account – far from being a constraint, it becomes a daily decision-making tool, an opportunity for us to improve our production methods and a definite strong point in our company's strategy.

To consult the commitments : here
To consult the concrete actions : here

Vignerons Développement Durable

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